As if you need a reason – here’s 10 reasons why you should eat more humous!

Well, it’s difficult not to keep going back for more: especially when it’s extra-yummy. At Moorish, we naturally smoke chickpeas over oak chips and add them to our recipes; which gives them an irresistible earthiness. Here’s why you can let yourself indulge…

  1. Humous can make you happy! Not only in a taste-sensation kind of way; but especially for women. Tahini has a high calcium content which can help your mood (and reduce cramps) whilst the B6 and manganese in chickpeas are also mood-boosters. Magnesium in chickpeas is also good for reducing bloating, water retention and cramps.happy chickpeas
  2. A great, healthy source of protein – especially for the veggies in your life who may be suffering from cheese overload.



  1. It’s more versatile than you think – of course you can use your favourite dippers and it’s great in a flatbread with crunchy salad; but have you tried humous instead of tomato on a pizza base? Stirred into pasta? Or how about as a topping on mushrooms with crunchy breadcumbs? Yum. Check out for more great ideas.


  1. It’s easy and quick – a much better fast food option when you’re in a hurry.


  1. With a low GI index, the carbs in chickpeas are broken down and digested slowly – helping you control your appetite – which is great if you’re managing your weight. And especially good for those who have insulin resistance, hypoglycaemia or diabetes.


  1. Hold off those colds with immune-boosting lemon and garlic.


  1. It’s great for sharing – an easy ice breaker or appetiser at your party – or just with crisps in front of your favourite girls-night-in movie.



  1. All of our smoked humous is made with British rapeseed oil, which is surprisingly rich in omega 3 and 6.

British rape field

  1. It’s important to get enough fibre in your diet and humous is a great way to do it – give it a super-boost by dipping wholewheat pitta or homemade flatbread.

flatbread 1

  1. Kids love it – and it’s not-very-secretly good for them. So who cares if they dip their fingers in the pot?!

muffins 1


About lovemoorish

I’m a mother of two with a background in radio news reading and marketing. I’ve enjoyed making healthy food for my family for a number of years and have found that humous is a regular favourite. Not only that but it’s healthy too. I decided to add enjoyment to humous by coming up with a new layer of flavour and the overwhelmingly positive reaction from friends and family has brought me to lovemoorish. I can’t wait to bring it to you!
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