A cracking team! Moorish and Arden’s

ARD-Moorish for news story

It’s great when we’re able to work with other small, British, growing businesses like ours – that’s why we were so happy to be selected as #SBS winners – it meant we had the opportunity to make connections and learn from fellow entrepreneurial companies.

Even better when they share our passion for yummy food; and better still when the two product lines go together so brilliantly – that’s why we’re really happy to be able to work with Arden’s


Arden’s are a family of foodies who love great food and have travelled the continent to bring you irresistible nibbles that will delight and satisfy your taste buds. And their delicious range of snacks pair perfectly with our smoked dips 🙂

Look out for joint promos coming very soon.


Ardens can be found at www.ardens.co.uk 







About lovemoorish

I’m a mother of two with a background in radio news reading and marketing. I’ve enjoyed making healthy food for my family for a number of years and have found that humous is a regular favourite. Not only that but it’s healthy too. I decided to add enjoyment to humous by coming up with a new layer of flavour and the overwhelmingly positive reaction from friends and family has brought me to lovemoorish. I can’t wait to bring it to you!
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